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I485 transferred from TSC to NBC (National benefits Center) Like this thread 1 0. Watch this thread Start a new thread Add a post. Thread is empty. Showing 141 to 0 of 0 rows. Hi All, My case status changed yesterday to reflect that my I485 case was transferred. I chatted with Emma this morning and she confirmed it is being trans.I485 transferred from NBC to Nebraska. I sent my employment based 485 to NBC. Multiple Emma agents have told me it has been transferred to Nebraska Service Center the first week of May. Why would this happen? I thought NBC was the center that processed AOS? PD is May 2022 with EB3 category, so I am current.

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Are you a savvy shopper always on the lookout for the best deals? If so, you’re in luck. NBC Morning Show is here to help you maximize your savings with their exclusive shopping de...Choosing the Best Savings Account for NRIs: NRE vs NRO Accounts. i checked website for NBC processing time and looks like back to square one (WAITING) for 3 to 11 months for processing I485 application from NBC.When Vermont Service Center approves an I-360 petition, they transfer it to National Benefits Center. The reason is that NBC handles the interviews on that actual adjustment of status/green card portion. So, eventually NBC wil schedule a local interview. This doesn't have to do with the domestic violence / abuse portion of your case.Adjustment of Status Case Filing and Progress Reports. i-485 transferred to NBC twice. I filed for adjustment of status in NSC. They forward it to NBC after a couple of months from where I received a biometrics appointment from and completed it. NBC then transferred my case to the local USCIS office from where I received an interview ...My I-485 case transferred from Nebraska to NBC and then NBC to FO Montogomery, AL on August 4th, 2022, and no update after that. Is anyone recently got approved from FO Montogomery, AL?. What is the average time to get approved after transfer?. Concurrent filers (EB2 I-485, I-140, I-765, I-131) and I-693(medical) are attached:My EB 2 case was transferred to NBC on 4/21. I received medical RFE on 5/21. My response package was delivered to Hartford CT field office on 6/21. My 485 statu. Products. Community. Immigration 101. Lawfully Analytics All. real mad007. Jul 30, 2022. 100 Days since 485 AOS (EB2 India) was transferred to NBC ...I am still waiting on I-765 and I-485. EB2 Nebraska SC. December 3, 2020 receipt date. It’s been 384 days, and mind you these guys even denied my expedite request although it’s already outside of their normal processing time and I have an extreme urgency to get at least my I-765 before the end of the month.Same, no updates. Transferred march 29th. Hello all! My 485 has been transferred to NBC from Nebraska on Mar 24 and no updates yet.Jun 13, 2018 · 13 year Top Contributor. Website. (619) 377-4202. Message View Profile. Posted on Jun 13, 2018. 1. " Does it mean that my case is transferred to the local office? " Simply means the NBC has now preliminarily reviewed your case, decided that the I-864 (and supporting docs) look "decent" upon first view, and moved to transfer your case to the ... I-485 (General) Hi, My 485 was transferred from Vermont Service Center to NBC in Lee Summit , MO in May 2020 for speeding up the process , then they used my previous fingerprints in October 2020 and no changes since then. It’s been very frustrating. Got my 2nd EAD already. Anyone any advice ?UPDATE: It went back to TSC. UPDATE ii) new notification of being transferred. April 5, 2021 Case Transferred And New Office Has Jurisdiction March 29, 2021 We transferred your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, to another USCIS office that now has jurisdiction over your case.Question: For those cases transferred to NBC, if the priority date is current under the “Final Action Date,” please advise how an applicant could follow up with the USCIS. When will the National Benefits Center begin reporting Form I-485 processing times? ... Response: USCIS’ top priority are EB I-485 adjudications and as result, USCIS ... I-485 Transferred from SRC to NBC on 04/22/2022. EB2 - PD - Oct 2012. Applied for downgrade EB2 to EB3 I-140, I-485, I-765, and I-131 in Nov 2020. No approval on EB3 I-140, EAD, or AP. Sent Medicals in Nov 2020. Filed I-485J and interfiled in Jan 2022. Also applied for EB3 I-140 PP on 04/20/2022. My I-485J transferred on 04/21/2022 from TSC to NBC. My wife's (dependent) I-485 case was transferred to NBC two weeks back but my case is still at SRC. Are there any instances where dependent's case got transferred first and the primary is still stuck at SRC. How many days does it usually take for the primary also to get transferred to NBC? PD: Aug 2011 and RD: Nov 2020 ...by Broad-Ad-7137. Eb2 India i-485 new card is being produced. Timeline. Eb2 India priority date feb 2011. applied for aos - oct 29, 2020. Biometrics - April 1, 2021. Ead approval - July 26, 2021 Sent my medical in august 17 to nbc Got rfe for medical in august 18 from San Francisco office - probably communication overlap.Cases will be transferred to the National Benefits Center (NBC). NBC will add EB Forms I-485 to their existing EB workload, prioritizing applications for each immigrant …I485 transferred to a non-local field office. I-485 (General) Does anyone experience an I485 application transferred to a field office (non-local)? My form is filed in 01/2023 to National Benefits Center, BM was done in early 03/2023. I just learned from Emma's chat that it is now processing at San Francisco FO.I have the same question. From what I am reading on this post and other posts, it seems NBC to be faster (3-6months approval fro i485) however some other posts indicate the the processing time depends on the local office even though the transfer says the application is at NBC. My local office in San Jose has much worse processing time than ...Browse. Community Topics Posts Companies. Insights About Community Guidelines. Get the app. Your membership is pending review by Bowl Admins. Global immigration. works at EY. My I-485 got transferred (from TSC) to NBC for faster processing, but my spouse's did not. Anyone knows if this means my spouse's GC may get approved a lot after mine ...I485 transfer Hi guys, I submitted i130 i485 and i765 in April, Sept 30th my i765 was approved for 5 years. Emma live agent told me my i485 was transferred on Sept 27th from NBC to Phoenix Arizona, but they couldn't tell me what that means.Website. (443) 736-1167. Message View Profile. Posted on Jan 15, 2015 Voted as Most Helpful Selected as best answer. It is standard practice for I-485 applications to be transferred to the USCIS field offices when an in-person interview with the applicant is needed. Legal Consult Recommended.The only connection I see is that I-485 is being sent to the same USCIS service center which has my I-140 under processing. I don't know on what basis my attorney sent my I-485/I-765/I-131 to National Benefit Center in Missouri. While the I-485 was transferred, I-131 & I-765 continues to be with NBC.If I-485 is transferred to NBC before the approval of the VAWA petition then there's an interview. Taylor, how long have you been waiting for an update on your I-485? andrade silva Aug 3, 2021. i applied my i485 in june 2020 in january 2021 i did the fingerprints and in june 2021 they transferred to NBC. J.My online status reads On November 19, 2014, we transferredUnited MileagePlus has a new promotion that lets you earn a 30% bon CbassFC. OP • 3 yr. ago. As an update to this: I called USCIS and a friendly agent told me that my case was transferred from NBC to my local FO (San Francisco) in May (they did not specify the date). My RFIE was received on April 27, so I am guessing that this validates the theory that NBC does the pre-processing (RFIEs) and local FO the ...Most EB Form I-485 Cases at the NSC and TSC Will be Transferred to NBC. According to a recent practice update from AILA, as of February 17, 2022 USCIS-HQ has directed the Nebraska and Texas Service Centers to cease adjudication of all EB Form I-485 cases other than 4 th preference petitions (religious workers, special immigrant juveniles, etc ... Thousands of pending I-485 are being transferred fr This question is about the Discover it® Balance Transfer @jose_palace1 • 01/27/23 This answer was first published on 02/15/18 and it was last updated on 01/27/23.For the most curre... Are you eagerly anticipating the Sunday Night Football game on

Spouse I-485 timeline, Sent to NBC - transferred to Santa Ana. Hello everyone! I got approved for I-485 today! Wanted to share my timeline w others who are searching about this info. Last year I also sent in a I-765 application. I had to expedite my I-765 with help of a local congressman in July which got approved in 3 weeks.It nicely takes the mystery out of what happens backstage. "Behind the scenes, USCIS will transfer your pending I-485 from its current USCIS Service Center (either the Texas Service Center or Nebraska Service Center) to the National Benefits Center (NBC), a national clearinghouse that coordinates operations with the USCIS field …Hi my I-140 was approved in April 2022 and submitted I-485 in May at Texas service centre . As per USCIS Texas service centre is no longer going to process AOS I-485 and cases will be transferred to NBC .Case transferred from TSC To NBC. I-140 & I-485 (AOS) My case got transferred on the 18th of this month to NBC from TSC. I am an April 2021 filer EB3 ROW. Did premium processing for i140 and got approved in Nov 2021. Interfiled medicals in November. Presently, combo card is yet to be approved and still waiting.Less than 6 weeks. 6 to 8 weeks. 8 to 10 weeks. 10 to 12 weeks. 12 to 16 weeks. More than 16 weeks. Voting closed 1 year ago. Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

I-485 transferred 28 days ago . My case was transferred to NBC on Aug 3rd but no updates. Everyone seem to be getting their cases approved approx 3 weeks after. Anyone else feel the approvals slowing down? EB2-1, current This thread is archivedInitially with Texas for 12 months, Texas transferred it to NBC without adjudicating it in Mar 2022, and then we had to employ Congressman Inquiry and PP, after which it moved from NBC to Nebraska, where it was ultimately approved) 9/13/2022: I-485 transferred back to NBC from Nebraska 10/23/2022: Was told by Level 1 agent that …I don't know how many of you check this site https://hilites.today/ Just noticed that since Aug 30 updates are mostly for i131 and for i485. Am guessing some action for clearing backlog of i131 to progress it to next steps, while existing i485 with medical being processed to ……

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. I am EB3 filer 12 days ago they transferred. Possible cause: 1. Reply. s_ss25 • 1 yr. ago. My husband's i485 (primary applicant) sta.

April 5, 2022 - I-485 was transferred to NBC (welcome home!); May 6, 2022 - New Card Is Being Produced; May 9, 2022 - Case was approved. I'd like to thank everybody in this community. I didn't talk a lot, but got much important and helpful information from here. And now a couple of notes based on my experience. ...Eb1c I140 approved after 14.5 months in Texas. 2 weeks later I get a 485 transferred notification and it's moved from Texas to NBC. Bio was done in Dec'21. Waiting for the good news on GC

Thank you, as far as I know, my case is still at Nbc, and it hasn't not transferred to Fo, so I don't know if the final decision on my I-485 is near or not. V. Varchar 50 Jan 7, 2022. I'm in the same situation where my 485 case was transferred from TSC to NBC on 12/30/2021. I haven't had any new updates yet.Aug 20 2020 - I485 - Priority Date Apr 24 2021 - I765 I131 I485 - Submission to USCIS Oct 16 2021 - Biometrics Jan 24 2022 - Transfer LIN to NBC Feb 27 2022 - RFE Medicals Mar 26 2022 - Approval Apr 3 - Green card in hand Happy to answer any questions that might arise.

EB-2 here, my case (I-485) had this journ it will ask you about what you need to ask, just type: I want to know where my case is getting processed. It will ask First, Last Name, DOB, Address. Then it will show you time when the live agent will be online to address the query, mine was 19 mins but the agent came in 5 mins. You can then chat with the live agent and ask, they will check ...Transferred to field office timeline request - I485. Hi, My case was transferred to field office (San Diego) about 4 weeks ago and I have not heard anything yet. Was wondering how long it took for there to be movement on your case after it was transferred to field office. Any insight would be much appreciated :) For me it took about 3 months. I-140 was approved in October 23’. Perm PD - October 22’. ROW EB2 mJust wanted to check if anyone recently had their I-485 ( I485 SRC -> NBC -> St. Paul MN I-140 & I-485 (AOS) My case was originally filed at SRC and was transferred to NBC at 4/26. Then, Emma told me it was transferred to St. Paul MN, but they refused to provide the transfer date.(still trying)Hello All, Creating this thread to gather inputs from people that had their AOS transferred to NBC and/or FO from NSC or TSC. Please join this thread and shar i485 Transferred to NBC and/or FO from NSC or TSC What happens when your I-485 application is I-485 Transfer. Post I-140 approval, I received a 797C for my I-485 saying "In order to speed up processing, we transferred the application or petition ("your case") listed above to the following USCIS for processing: [NBC, Lee's Summit, MO] Opening_Essay569. • 2 yr. ago. my I-485 was aJun 12, 2021 · Yes, I filed concurrently. Thank you, as far as I know, my case is still at Nbc, and it hasn A wire transfer is a method of transferring money electronically between two people or institutions. A wire transfer is a method of transferring money electronically between two pe...Are you a savvy shopper always on the lookout for the best deals? If so, you’re in luck. NBC’s Today Show offers a wealth of exclusive deals and discounts that can help you save bi... Eb1c I140 approved after 14.5 months in Texas. 2 weeks Posted by u/woofwoofbets99 - 2 votes and 1 commentChase is one of the few banks that offers the ability to use balance transfers on its credit cards. Check out how to transfer balances here! We may be compensated when you click on... On April 25, my EB-based I-485 transferred to NBC from TSC.[I-485 transferred to USCIS-NBC Lee's summit Chase is one of the few banks that offers the ability to use bal PD October 2020. o. oct19 rahman May 20, 2022. PD October 2019! case was transferred on 4/18 from TSC to NBC. they told me it is now at a field office in Texas. waiting for medical RFE. y. yaz mal May 20, 2022. …